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The Attraction of Magnetism – 1

On checking the results of the first test yesterday evening I found that there was very little difference between the two test glasses however both my wife and myself felt that the amount of limescale rings was less than ‘normal’.

The initial thought was that the effect of the coils had got into the system faster than expected but was not at full power? I then noticed a puddle of water on the worktop where the second glass, the one rinsed in cold water, had been standing. I realised that I had trapped water vapour under the glass effectively nullifying the test.

After washing the breakfast things this morning I poured the water away, wiped the empty bowl round then half filled it with hot (exclusively from the hot tap) water. Adding a few drops of washing up liquid I then washed the 3 glasses very carefully. The 1st went straight onto the draining board as a ‘control‘. The 2nd was rinsed under the hot tap and also put on the draining board. The 3rd was rinsed under the cold tap. It was also put on the draining board adjacent to the 2nd glass.

After about 3hrs all the glasses were inspected. None were absolutely perfect but all were very much less marked than was the norm prior to the fitting of the device. All 3 were essentially the same.

This raises a number of questions

1. Is the amount of washing up liquid used a factor? This is a domestic situation not a laboratory. The bowl is filled with water at a suitable temperature and washing up liquid is squirted in as deemed necessary. A bit more for greasy stuff. A bit less for not so greasy. It’s down to judgement as is water temperature and amount. Whilst it is open to scientific criticism the reality is, there used to be more white spots on glasses than there seems to be now.

2. Is there some cross contamination causing the white spots? A perfectly reasonable question and I don’t have any method checking for contamination. The only thing i can say is that I’ve done a bit of washing up in my time and don’t deliberately change the routine or process just for the sake of it.

3. Is it affected by water temperature? Our tap water at the sink is ‘hand hot’ for me. I don’t add any cold whereas my wife does. As I’ve ‘done the dishes’ during these tests there is unlikely to be any significant change to the water temperature.

4. Anything else? Not that I can think of at this moment however over the next few days or so I’ll continue to monitor the situation.

The next stage is to de-scale all the chrome plated taps and see if they loose their shine as usual.