About Us

Hi, Local Webs UK was started in 1999 by a couple of friends who wanted to explore the possibilities of simple web sites, as a hobby, to share information with others about places that they felt were of interest.

Initially they addressed their home towns then made a simple guide for London Gatwick Airport. This was quickly followed by a similar guide for London Heathrow Airport.

Other small guides followed relating to places that they considered to be worth a visit with the intention of  enticing others to visit and share the pleasure.

As a hobby it made no money but it was enjoyable. As a hobby it had to make way for other, more important activities like working and family commitments etc. and the sites became outdated. The technology advanced rapidly and thus not only was a lot of the content out of date but so was the presentation. Time for a change!

Now, being of pensionable age (according to the birth certificates <G>), there might be a little more time to explore and experiment with the simpler parts of the ‘new’ technology.

The new site(s) will continue to suggest places to visit but will also include subjects and activities that you, the visitor, might also enjoy.

In a nut shell the Local Webs UK website will contain ‘stuff’ that we find enjoyable and/or interesting and we hope that you also find it interesting, useful and enjoyable.

Thank you for your time.

Have a safe journey.